The Last Erdane

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Sedna Erdane is angry.

She’s barely back from exile, and the people of her formerly wealthy planet are starving. She is an outcast, branded as the daughter of traitors, forced to obey an inept Queen.

She can’t and won’t accept it. Not her. She was raised to be greater than this.

She discovers that in the shadows of the Court, the many enemies of Queen Annelie are waiting. For an army to be ready, for secret allies to be strong enough, or for the perfect opportunity to overthrow her and finally rise to power.

Meanwhile, among the stars, other political organizations are becoming threats: centuries after leaving Earth, humans still haven’t risen above their differences and soon, half the galaxy will be at war.

The unrest is perfect for Sedna: she knows how to charm and negotiate. In exile, she learnt how to lie and kill. Seeking out the Queen’s opponents and making herself the head of a rebellion seems like a straight path to power.

It doesn’t matter that her thirst for revenge is likely to send the world spiralling into chaos: if she has to become a problem to solve her own, then so be it.

She is Sedna Erdane, last of her name; and she will not be forgotten.

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