A brief chronology of events before Book One.

2089 AD : Humanity self-destructs. Ships are sent into the vastness of space to try and save a few people. It marks the Year 0 of the Exodus from Earth.

625 After Exodus (AEx) : Foundation of the Empire of Nanke.

632 AEx : Foundation of the Azendi Kingdom.

773 AEx : On Val, Enold Rience befriends the Valoda, then betrays them. Their planet is renamed Olympia and the people are exterminated. Some of them manage to hide underground.

802 AEx : The Federation of the Nesoi is founded by three state-planets : Olympia, Erbantan and Edin.

1055 : The Empire and the Federation sign a peace treaty. Sara, the daughter of the Emperor, marries Verlon Rience, Prince of the Federation.

1071 : Prince Liam Rience is born on Olympia.

1076 : Sedna Erdane is born on Edin.

1077 : Sara, Liam’s mother, dies in a spaceship accident. She was with her sister Ioke. No debris is retrieved, it is impossible to know what happened exactly.

1083-1086 : Verlon’s Vain Wars. The Emperor threatened to dissolve the peace treaty after Sara’s death and Verlon retaliates by attacking outposts. The Empire then invades Sentinel, a small planet at the very edge of Federation space. Wesley March and his family flee to Olympia.

1088 : Verlon tries to conquer Sentinel back. Liam sets off to try and stop the attack, but fails. Verlon marks his own son. Sentinel is part of the Federation again.
Soon after this, Verlon attacks Edin, executes Sedna’s parents, marks Sedna and sends her into exile on Mansi.

1090 : Verlon has what the doctors call a stroke. He is unable to rule. Annelie Rience, his daughter, is made Queen of the Federation. Liam goes to Veria.

1098 : Wesley March is appointed Home Secretary of the Nesoi.

1100 : Sedna Erdane, now back on Edin, asks Queen Annelie for pardon.

Events in Book One

An overview of the events in The Last Erdane, Book One of the series. Warning : spoilers. [coming soon]

Detailed Timeline

Want to know everything that happened before our story starts? Click here! [coming soon]

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