The Federation of the Nesoi

The Federation of the Nesoi was officially founded in 802 After Exodus.

In 773, Val, the planet of the Mind Readers (an earthling name for the Valoda), was under control of a group of warriors called the Salvaxes. Enold Rience, leader of a rival gang, decided to ally with the Valoda and take the planet back. He succeeds and marries Seeli Egia, a Valoda princess.

In 775, King Enold Rience reaches out to two independent dynasties, promising them protection : the Erdanes and the Alems. They agree to join his budding organization, but soon Enold shows his true colours : he wants to challenge the growing Empire of Nanke and launch ambitious campaigns to conquer the galaxy.
The Erdanes and the Valoda take a stand against Enold, but fail. The Valoda are massacred and the Erdanes have no other choice but to submit to the Rience King. The Alems prudently side with Enold. The next year, Enold changes his planet’s name to Olympia, as a slight to the Erdanes and their own mythology inspired world

Between 776 and 802, Enold wages a long war with Veria and their leaders, the Caerdas Clan. As the Rience King was about to lose, a rival Clan, the Lyths, betrays the Caerdas in exchange for commercial exclusivity over every weapon used and sold between the four planets. Soon, other worlds and families understand that Enold will not be stopped.

In 802, the Three Founder Families decide that their organization will be called the Federation of the Nesoi. They offer peace agreements to Veria and Kalye.

Over the following 60 years, the Federation grows to the size it has at the beginning of our story, becoming a feudal-federal system.
It comprises of the following families and planets who answer to the King or Queen on Olympia, under the motto « Thirteen as One »

Olympia (formerly Val) Rience (formerly : the Valoda)
Edin Erdane (warden : Tarere)
Erbantan Alem
Kalye Multiple City States – the King makes decisions
Veria Lyth Clan
Risen Brilen
Aura Evrin
Cenola Galor
Andelane Sweyssen
Ceres Campbell
Mansi Matrya
Shelwin Ashworth
Sentinel no rulers since the Second Conquest by Verlon

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