Wesley March

« I don’t pick sides, Sedna. I’m the Home Secretary of the Nesoi. I’m trying to keep this Federation going. »

Home Secretary of the Nesoi, Wesley March is one of the rare people who still accept to be on Queen Annelie’s government, and the only one who is not from nobility. He was born on the distant Sentinel, and his prime duty is to the Nesoi. Clever, soft spoken but determined, Wesley almost single-handedly manages the Federation’s affairs.

For a long time the Queen trusted him – which didn’t mean she would follow his advice, unfortunately for the Federation.

One of his earliest assignments as a public servant was to supervise Sedna’s life in exile and he has warned the Queen about how dangerous the heir of the Erdanes can be. He would know : his fascination for Sedna has grown with her thirst for power.

Wesley doesn’t want to pick sides; but he will have to

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