Sedna Erdane

« Sedna set her teeth. She would not let her world die. She would seize this Federation her family had helped create centuries ago, and make it hers. She owed it to her parents, to all her ancestors, to become the greatest Erdane the world had ever seen. »

Exiled at twelve years old on another planet after her parents were executed for high treason, Sedna Erdane was liberated and sent back to her world by order of Queen Annelie in 1100 AEx, the beginning of our story. Her formerly wealthy planet, Edin, is slowly dying.
She is proud and calculating, and her upbringing taught her how to navigate politics to make allies. During her time in exile, she learnt how to wield various weapons to deal with her enemies

She has a V-shaped scar on her collarbone, where the King who executed her parents branded her so she would be recognized as a traitor for the rest of her life. She wears it as a badge of honour, a sign that her family never bent the knee.

Sedna can be ruthless and her ambition knows no limit : she will seek revenge for her family, and power for herself. It doesn’t matter the cost, to her or to others. Her goal will be met.

She is the last of her name, and she will not be forgotten.

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