Annelie Rience

« It isn’t wise; it isn’t safe to keep secrets from your Queen. »

Annelie Rience was never meant to rule. The Lords of the Nesoi turned to her when her father Verlon lost his mind and his last will and testament was opened : he did not want his son Liam to have the throne.

Annelie had no interest in politics, but sent her advisors away in an attempt to leave her mark on the Federation, keeping by her side the few people she deemed loyal.

At the beginning of the story, Annelie is unsure of how to deal with the return of Sedna Erdane to her world and is trying to make the young woman renew her allegiance to the Federation by threatening her people, despite Wesley March’s advice.

The Federation is her playground, and no-one will tell her what to do.

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