Main characters; several parts of the book are from their point of view

Sedna Erdane

The only descendent of a once powerful family, Sedna will do anything to avenge her parents’ death.

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Wesley March

Home Secretary of the Federation, Wesley frequently wishes he could do without sleep altogether

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Queen Annelie Rience

The latest of a long succession of Rience Kings and Queens, Annelie doesn’t care that everyone believes her to be incompetent. She knows she has to be in total control. Her father taught her so.

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Prince Liam « Brenhand » Rience

The fallen prince broods at court, drinking away his regrets, unable to forget who he could have been if he hadn’t rebelled…

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Huntar Lyth of Veria

Gunseller. Trader. A quick mouth and an even faster trigger. Don’t trust his promises, he knows how to lure Earthlings into his traps.

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Taig Baqur

An idealist, a revolutionary, who thinks, leads and fights. Him and his Freedom Fighters dream of giving power back to the people of the Federation.

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Ninad Selris

Fiercely independent, Ninad dreams of the day when her people, the Valoda, are finally able to reclaim their world, taken by humans centuries ago.

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